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Bluebird Houses
FAT CAT loves to watch birds fly, build nests and feed their babies. He is a regular bird-watcher! He also likes to help them out in times of need. One day, his best friend, Bonnie Bluebird, couldn't find a home. FAT CAT soon found out that all her Bluebird friends were looking for a home too! A lot of the natural habitats where she would live were being destroyed by the depletion of trees and natural forest. FAT CAT knew he had to help out the Bluebird community so he joined in with the "Bluebird Project" and bought a house for his friend Bonnie! Do you want to help the Bluebirds in North Carolina like Bonnie? You can visit your local branch and purchase a home like FAT CAT. The houses sell for $10.00 each.

Bonnie in her house Color Wheel

We want you to be creative with your birdhouse! See if you can decorate it with paint or any other crafty items. Now, find a good spot and have your parents help you put it in your yard.